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Trellis Contractor in Longmont, CO: Trellis Installation Services

Are you looking for a professional and reliable builder of trellises in Longmont? If that’s the case, then consult Ironwood Deck LLC. We are a locally owned and operated general contractor that specializes in building custom trellises for homes in Longmont. As an experienced service, our custom trellises contractor has carved its niche through its quality workmanship, dedication to customer satisfaction, integrity, and utmost transparency. With the trellis building process being labor intensive and design centric, we leverage the use of our decades long experience and the finest materials to build custom trellises that add visual appeal, last for years to come, and are a reflection of your aesthetic sense.

Create Your Private Sanctuary by Designing Custom Trellises for Your Home in Longmont

A trellis is a simple garden structure that supports climbing plants. It can be used to create more space in your garden, add more privacy, allow more sunlight exposure, or act as an accent piece. One of the most important to consider when building a trellis is its location and figuring out what plant you’re growing, as these aspects guide your designing process. From helping you choose an appropriate type of trellis, offering unlimited custom features, picking the right building material, to designating the perfect spot for custom trellises, we make sure to handle each project with the utmost care.

Sunsets Through Trellis Casting Shadows On Patio

Put Your Gardening to Use by Building Custom Trellises in Longmont

We have built hundreds of custom trellises in Longmont and have equally earned the trust and loyalty of homeowners in Longmont. At Ironwood Deck LLC, we can build any style and type of trellis, including a lattice for a traditional look, a wall mounted for extra stability, an expanding one for creating an indoor gate for pets or super functional obelisk trellis. So, whether you want a wooden trellis for a rustic feel, a metal one for a slim, sleek look, or low maintenance vinyl trellis, our craftsmen in Longmont have experience working with all types of trellises.

Ready to take your outdoor living to the next level?

Ironwood Deck LLC has been building decks and porches for years, and we know what it takes to make your outdoor space perfect. We can build you a deck, patio, or any other outdoor feature that will make you the envy of your neighborhood. Imagine spending time on your new deck, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful weather. With Ironwood Deck LLC, you can make that dream a reality. Contact us today to get started!

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